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A picture of Metal guitarist Kris Norris.
The JamPlay Podcast Episode 5 featuring Kris Norris.

The fifth episode of The JamPlay Podcast is now ready to rock.  This amazing guitar and music podcast features Kris Norris, former member of the Darkest Hour, professional touring guitarists and guitar instructor.  In this edition we will sit down with Kris and talk about the following epic and amazing topics.

  • Being a touring musician and the trials and tribulations you might experience.
  • Making money in the music business.
  • Is music really not as good as it used to be, or are we simply a group of cranky elderly men?
  • Amplifiers and Live Rigs, such as the Eleven Rack.
  • Conan the Barbarian and the Angry Birds.  We only cover the hardest hitting topics.

This podcast covers those amazing topics and more.  As always, please leave us your feedback in the comments and please don’t forget to check out the best guitar lessons in the world.

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