Learning to Play with Feeling

You know how some guitar players just have that “wow” factor? Sure, they know all the notes and have rhythm. But there’s also a special FEELING to their playing. How do you get that?

There are a variety of techniques that can help give your sound more depth. From using effects pedals to learning the fundamentals of phrasing, knowing when to use bends and vibrato, and learning how to craft melodies. JamPlay membership gives you access to all of these skills!

All month long, we’ll be sharing our favorite guitar lessons and tips for learning to play guitar with feeling.

Here’s what we’re LOVING right now:

Evan Taucher’s Event
Classical guitar is all about playing with feeling. Our LIVE event gave us a chance to sit down with award-winning classical guitarist, Evan Taucher. Get the recap ›

Fingerstyle Courses
This playing style lets you combine melody, bass lines, and harmony to create a complete, orchestral sound.
Explore courses ›

Chords for Days
Thousands of voicings for every guitar chord imaginable, as well as guitar chord charts for standard tunings and more.
View chord library ›

Featured Guitar Courses

Secrets of Melodic Rock
Instructor: Irene Ketikidi

Modern R&B Grooves
Instructor: Tim Stewart

Brazilian Flare with Blues
Instructor: Andre Nieri

Highlights from Our 2021 Guitarist Toolkits

Simple Guide to Phrasing

Unlocking Lead Guitar Toolkit (pack 5)

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Fingerstyle Core Skills

Fingerstyle & Folk Toolkit (pack 3)

View toolkit

Blues Slide Guitar

Blues Essentials Toolkit (pack 1)

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Featured Articles

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These Might Just Be The Best 10 Tips For Guitar Players Ever

As a guitar teacher I hear lots of excuses, including the time-worn “I don’t have the talent.” Talent, schmalent. While we can’t all be Hendrix, you can get pretty darn close if you follow these basic guidelines.

3 Ways to Effortlessly Transition Chords: Guitar 101

In order to effortlessly transition chords you need to do 3 things. In this JamPlay lesson, Orville Johnson helps beginners with one of the biggest challenges: changes from one chord to another [ video included ].


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