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Giveaway: Win a Taylor 110E Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

JamPlay is giving away a Taylor 110E Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar. Enter for a chance to win! This giveaway ends February 28, 2021.

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JamPlay LIVE Concert Recap: Classical Guitar with Evan Taucher

Last week we hosted the first JamPlay LIVE Concert of 2021: Classical Confidence with Evan Taucher. Evan is an award-winning classical guitarist and a JamPlay instructor.

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Sonic Paradoxes: 4 Genius Genre Pairings To Explore

It’s easy to get stuck listening to (and playing) one style of music. But exploring new genres will not only make you a better, more well-rounded musician, it will help you get a fresh take on those old favorites too.

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4 Guitar Effects to Change Up Your Guitar Sound

Easily one of the most enjoyable aspects of guitar playing is manipulating the sound of your playing through guitar effects.

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JamPlay Holiday Concert & Learning Series Festive Fingerstyle with Amber Russell

Join us as our special virtual holiday concert and learning series continues with renowned performer and composer Amber Russell for JamPlay’s final FREE live studio concert and learning session of the season.

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Jamplay Holiday Challenge: Learn We Three Kings Before Christmas

If you’re a musician, your family is going to ask you to play a Christmas song for them. They’re expecting you to sit down on the couch by the tree and play something on that new guitar they bought you.

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JamPlay Holiday Concert & Learning Series

Join us for a special virtual holiday concert and learning series. Register now for exclusive access to our JamPlay Holiday events.

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10 Guitar Lover Gift Ideas for Under $50

If you have a guitar player in your life, and you’re wondering what to get them, you’re in luck because guitar players love new gear and accessories to go along with their instrument. Below you’ll find 10 gifts under $50 that the guitar player in your life is sure to love.

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5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Guitar This Holiday Season

With the holiday season coming up, it’s a great time to take up a new hobby by getting a new guitar. Or if you’ve been playing awhile, maybe it’s time to add a new guitar to your playing collection. Either way, there are some important questions to ask before purchasing a new guitar.

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5 Great Holiday Gifts For The Classic Rock Guitarist

The holidays are right around the corner and if you’re worrying about what to get for the musicians in your life then fear no more, because musicians always want something.

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Gear Guide: Getting the Classic Rock Sound

At some point in our lives as musicians, we’ve all gone down the rabbit hole when it comes to gear.

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3 Famous Guitarists You Didn’t Know Served in the Military

When you think of your favorite rock and roll legends, you might think of rebels who didn’t quite fit in — misfits who marched to the beat of their own drummer.

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