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Cool Guitar Gadgets & Guitar Stocking Stuffers

Gift Guide 2021 | JamPlay

Buying the perfect gift for the guitar hero in your life can be tricky. There’s always a new cool guitar gadget out there making the ‘gram blow up or the forum go wild. But don’t worry! Here at JamPlay we are ready to help. Whether you’re buying for yourself or for the guitar player(s) in your life, here’s a must-have list of essentials that will all but guarantee to be a hit as a stocking stuffer or compact package of good tidings to any grateful giftee. Let’s check them out:

Amp it up! Amplification on the go.

Arguably where a sizable chunk of your ‘tone’ comes from, we’ve got a few great little solutions for amplification no matter the locale.

Learning Tools. Start Playing Today!

No matter what stage of the guitar learning journey you are in there’s always room for improvement! Here’s what we think can take you to the next level:

Synthesizing on the go.

Want to bust out a beat anytime? What about capturing cool samples to play back later. Need a backing drum or synth track for that latest guitar lesson? Well, never fear — Teenage Engineering is here to help! Since coming on the scene, TE has excelled at making accessible synth gear for all. Their Pocket Operator series make a very cool gift for guitar players on the go too!

Accessories & Essentials.

Headphones, cables, slides, picks, tuners, capos, et al. All things we need and all things that are also constantly improving and becoming EVEN COOLER! Flat patch cables that are just as sturdy? Done. Guitar slides that are near indestructible and fit like a glove. We’ve got those too. Bags for any occasion and picks that roll off the thumb (not literally)? Also, consider it accomplished. The sky’s the limit for an always-better-working accessory.

That’s All Folks!

From all of us at Jamplay, make sure above all to have a happy and safe holiday season. Get some practice in and we hope to see you taking advantage of some of the great gear and guitar learning opportunities out there. Jam on!

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