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So, you’re thinking about taking guitar lessons. Great idea! You’ve got the list covered: Guitar: Check! Amp: Check! Picks, cables and a bad-ass (Super-Cool?) guitar-playing stance: Check! Check! Check!

Now What?

Tradition would most likely dictate that you go out and find the best local teacher to show you the ropes and turn you into the Rock God you were born to be… you know, with all that free time you have…

Now, let us be clear: private lessons are great. Anyone who has taken traditional lessons would likely agree that those afternoons with their teachers, one-on-one, taught them not only the fundamentals of music, but an appreciation for the hard work and dedication that it takes to become an accomplished musician. They taught them the value of putting down the video games and actually practicing. They taught them discipline.

That being said, we’d like you to take tradition and stick it on a shelf for a few minutes because, as much as private music lessons rock, they simply aren’t the only answer any more.

Here are some simple facts about online guitar lessons that may just be music to your ears:

Fact #1: Online lessons work.

There’s a good reason lessons have become the most sought-after content on YouTube, and online lessons websites are becoming the go-to place for aspiring musicians: They work.

First of all, the volume of content that you have access to can’t be matched in the traditional lessons format. offers over 1,000 hours of pre-recorded lessons for musicians of all ages. With the ability to structure their learning their way, students are seeing the kind of progress that keeps them motivated and excited about working toward their musical goals.

Additionally, sites like JamPlay offer students all of the perks of traditional lessons, including access to instructors and downloadable sheet music and tablature, with tools that only make sense in an online environment, such as an online metronome, a comment section where you can ask questions of the instructor or other students, and a progress tracker. These tools not only help you improve individually, but provide you with a community of students that you can learn with.

Fact #2: Online music lessons are convenient.

C’mon, you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas. If you’re anything like us, your life is busy, your time is valuable and the idea of getting into the car and having to be anywhere after work or school is enough to make you hide in the nearest armchair.

This brings us to one of our favorite online lessons benefits: They’re convenient. You log in when you have time, you spend as much time as you need to learn what you want… and you don’t have to leave home to do it. Bonus!

Fact #3: Online lessons are more affordable than traditional lessons.

When you search for online lessons, no doubt you’ll find a broad range of prices, from free lessons on YouTube that provide pre-recorded tutorials for guitarists of all levels, to upwards of $60 an hour for private one-on-one lessons via interactive software, like Skype. If you choose the traditional route, you’ll find that you’re going to invest anywhere from $40 to $60 an hour per weekly lesson, depending on where you live.

The good news is that there is a happy medium with sites like JamPlay that provide the convenience of online lessons with access to instructors and group lessons for a nominal monthly fee. For around $20 a month, you gain unlimited access to hundreds of hours of lessons as well as daily live online group instruction.

Fact #4: Open doors to different teachers, genres, and styles

This flexibility allows you to explore guitar lessons in your own unique way. Odds are you don’t just like one kind of music. Online lessons give you the opportunity to try out new teachers and new styles to see what’s right for you. Membership offers you endless opportunities to work with different teachers and explore new genres.

Want to learn from rock stars? You can do that too. Celebrity Guitarists are regulars in the JamPlay studio.

Additionally, live online group sessions give you the opportunity to work directly with instructors who can help you refine your skills, no matter what genre you want to learn.

One Final Fact: Don’t Forget to Practice!

No matter what kind of lessons you choose, you’re only as good as the time you commit to your goals. Practice will be the key to your success, so stay focused, try new things, and keep rocking out!

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