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Eddie Van Halen Demos the 5150IIIS from EVH GEAR on Vimeo.

Eddie Van Halen posted this video to let everyone know about the new 5150IIIS amp.

“The 5150IIIS is a circuit modification I developed for the 5150III right before the band went on tour in 2012.” He goes on to say “There’s increased gain in channel 2 and channel 3 and the tone of channel 2 is much more closely derived from the character of channel 3.”

He doesn’t mention the purpose for this but we can assume it’s so that going from rhythm to lead doesn’t change the tone — just the gain and volume.

Definitely worth checking this video out. He plays riffs from “Hot for Teacher” and “Dance The Night Away” among others and it’s just cool to see his playing from different angles!

And if you want to learn some cool rock guitar tricks, check out this free guitar lesson from Steve Stevens on Rock Guitar Improvisation:

How To Improvise Rock Guitar With Steve Stevens
FREE LESSON: How To Improvise Rock Guitar With Steve Stevens

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