Practice Makes Perfect

In March, it was all about your guitar do-over. If you came back to guitar, focused on the basics or found a new guitar genre or technique — now is the time to set the foundation with a solid practice routine.

“If you’re any good at all, you know you can be better.” ~ Lindsay Buckingham.

A strong, consistent practice routine will get you there.

This month, we’ve got you covered with courses, JamTracks, featured articles and guitarist toolkits to make your practice routine faster and more productive so you get closer to those guitar goals.

Fuel Your Practice

with FREE lessons from JamPlay artist instructors

Dave Isaacs
Establish a practice routine for chords, scales and learning music theory. 25 lessons included in this course (4 unlocked).

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Will Ripley
An entire course based on easy-to-play musical examples in the style of your favorite artists. 44 lessons included in this course (3 unlocked).

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Stephanie Bradley
Speed without tension: explore the most efficient ways to play faster, cleaner and healthier. 31 lessons included in this course (3 unlocked).

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Featured Guitar Courses

The Art of Versatility
Instructor: Tim Stewart

The Power of 3 Notes
Instructor: Horace Bray

Create your Practice Plan with Guitarist Toolkits

Beginner Practice Plan

6 packs, 111 lessons, 15 JamTracks

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Unlocking Rhythm Guitar

6 packs, 100 lessons, 35 JamTracks

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Unlocking Lead Guitar

5 packs, 60 lessons, 60 JamTracks

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Featured Articles

Create Your Practice Space: Musical Environment Matters

Your practice space can either help or harm you on your path to building a relationship with your instrument and your music.

Play Outside of the Box With Open Tunings

Standard tuning is, well, standard. It provides incredible versatility and simplicity, but if it is the only tuning you use it can quickly start to get boring. Luckily, you don’t have to be boxed in by standard tuning.

Previous Months

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This month, we’re teaching you how to play like your idols at JamPlay. We have tons of guitar lessons that focus on specific skills associated with the artists we all know and love.

May 2021

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Guitar Player Do-Over Hopefully wherever you are the snow is beginning to thaw and there are signs of spring. Here at JamPlay, this seasonal transition is making us think a lot about fresh starts.

February 2021

Learning to Play with Feeling - You know how some guitar players just have that “wow” factor? Sure, they know all the notes and have rhythm. But there’s also a special FEELING to their playing. How do you get that?


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