2021 JamPlay Membership Updates

More Courses. More Features. More Song Lessons. New Member Perks.

We want to share a few updates and new membership perks that are coming to JamPlay this holiday season. First, did you know that we added over 35 new guitar (and bass) courses to the JamPlay library this year? From Blues to Bluegrass, Pop licks and Rock grooves to Jazz chords, Funk bass, music theory, fingerpicking, soloing, and so much more — there has never been a better time to be a JamPlay member!

We’ve also been listening carefully to our members and here’s what you’ve been saying:

  • Make the GUITARIST TOOLKITS stream-able

  • Add more SONG LESSONS

  • Update the MOBILE APPS

  • Make it easier to find things in the MEMBERS AREA

We’re thrilled to announce that we will be delivering ALL of these improvements (and more)! But…these new features mean that our membership plans look a little different this year. Here’s everything you need to know:

Guitarist Toolkits STREAMING

We are making all 9 of the most recent Guitarist Toolkits stream-able in the Members Area for JamPlay PRO members* before January 1st. These Toolkits and their supporting materials (JamTracks, Tabs, Stems, etc) will still also be available for download.

Full ARCHIVE of Guitarist Toolkits

Over the past few years, we created hundreds of hours of incredible learning material in the form of Guitarist Toolkits — and every December we retired the previous batch to bring in the new. Well, we think it’s time to open the vault. Throughout the coming year, we will also be adding the FULL ARCHIVE of past Guitarist Toolkits (2020 and earlier) to the Members Area for streaming access.

1 NEW Guitarist Toolkit – You Vote for the Topic!

This year we will be releasing one mega-Toolkit in July. The best part is YOU will help us decide the topic! As always, this Guitarist Toolkit will be jam-packed with incredible lessons from your favorite instructors. Only this time, you get to tell us what you want to learn. Member survey will take place in early 2022.

MORE Song Lessons

We get it, playing guitar ultimately means playing SONGS. JamPlay was thrilled to secure the rights to thousands of popular songs this year so that we can produce Song Lessons that are super professional and incredibly inspiring. Long story short: our Song Lesson library is about to explode!

Updated Mobile Apps

You want to learn guitar on your schedule, from any device. Having access to a highly functional, well-designed mobile app is part of that. Our new iOS app will be released in December and we think you’re going to be very happy. A new version of the Android app will follow in early 2022.

Improved SEARCH and DISCOVERY in the Members Area

With hundreds of courses and instructors to choose from, the JamPlay Members Area can sometimes feel overwhelming. You want to be able to find exactly what you’re looking for AND you want to discover new things. We’re happy to share that we will be adding a powerful search tool and smart course recommendations to the Members Area (December).

MORE Ownership Credits

Ownership credits let you download your favorite lessons and own them for life. Some of our most popular courses have over 50 lessons! So this year we will include 75 credits with Standard Annual membership and 150 with PRO membership.

(4) 1-on-1 Consultations

This year, PRO membership will include 4 1-on-1 consultations. Meet with a JamPlay instructor over the phone or video conference — get the private lesson experience and the direct feedback you need to take your playing to the next level.

Member Welcome Kit

Receive a physical welcome box delivered to your door** that includes a JamPlay t-shirt, guitar tuner, picks, stickers, and other goodies! This box will also include gifts, discounts, and other special offers from our partners.

Special Discounts on TrueFire Studios Services

JamPlay is part of the TrueFire Studios portfolio of online music learning brands. We will occasionally offer our members special discounts for these partner services: TrueFire, ArtistWorks, and FaderPro.


*Right now, the Unlocking Rhythm Guitar Toolkit is available for streaming for ALL members.
**Welcome kit will ship after you have completed your first 30 days of membership. Other restrictions may apply.


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