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Here are 7 of the top lessons from our archive of over 4,600.

Folk Guitar - The Easy B Minor Chord

Eve Goldberg shows you an easy way to play the B Minor chord. Simple tricks like this can help you play full songs even if barre chords give you trouble.

Once you've watched the video, download the tab and learn the folk classic, "The Water Is Wide".

Blues Guitar - I-VI-II-V Progression In The Key Of F

Many guitar players avoid the key of F because there are too many barre chords in it. But Mary shows you how to overcome those challenges with some simple tweaks.

Then you'll learn something most guitar players can't do: Play a I-VI-II-V in the key of F!

Flamenco Guitar - Rumba Strum in 7 Steps

Master guitar teacher shows you how to do the rumba strum in 7 simple steps.

Pair this up with some basic chords and play beautiful flamenco guitar that everyone will appreciate!

Lead Guitar - Fret Hand Dexterity Etude

No one likes practicing boring drills... that's why the etude was invented — to make practice musical and fun!

So if you're fret hand is laggin' try this killer etude from ex-Megadeth gun slinger Glen Drover. You'll get more reach and dexterity in no time!

Bluegrass Guitar - Most Popular Bluegrass Chord

Taken from Nick's flagship bluegrass course, this lesson explains the many nuances and voicings of the most popular chord in the genre.

And you thought you knew everything there was to know about the G major chord!

Beginner Guitar - Palm Muting Practice

Pretty much any style of guitar uses palm muting but many guitarists gloss over this integral technique.

Chris shows you 3 tips to make your palm muting more effective and gives you 2 exercises to practice for pro-level palm muting!

Fingerstyle Guitar - Right Hand Technique

Marcelo clears up some confusion surrounding fingerstyle techniques and fake nails versus real.

You'll also learn rest strokes and free strokes and how to use them effectively.