JamPlay Podcast Episode 1

JamPlay Podcast Episode One We are pleased to announce the JamPlay podcast.  This podcast will air weekly and feature staff members from JamPlay.com and a special guest covering the latest and greatest topics in the music world.

The first edition is now online!  In this podcast we feature Steve Eulberg, a world renowned teacher, songwriter, guitarist and Dulcimer player. In this show the hosts talk with Steve about musicians playing at the Olympics being shafted,  discuss whether buying a guitar starter pack is a good idea and discuss whether or not music theory is necessary knowledge for aspiring songwriters.

This is a new endeavor for us, so we would appreciate any and all comments and feedback you have to offer on how to improve the podcast.  Please leave them either in the comments section or mail them podcast@jamplay.com.

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3 Replies to “JamPlay Podcast Episode 1”

  1. Guys

    This podcast thing is a great idea but please, be more serious when choosing the ones you invite.

    This Steve Eulberg king of guy is a dangerous one.
    I played electric guitar before starting to have a look at his beginner series, and now I’m looking for an acoustic one (and I’ll likely buy a Norman B18 that I’ve been offered used for cheap).
    I was convinced that musical theory was a intellectual concept for theoretical, mathematical geeks.. after following his beginner series I’m writing down excel files to understand and memorize more easily how scales are organized.
    Steve Eulberg is a dangerous gut, please be aware don’t do that again.



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