JamPlay Podcast Episode 14 – Steve McKinley

The JamPlay Podcast is back! In the fourteenth edition we are proud to host Steve McKinley, guitar tech guru and an amazing bassist to boot. Steve and “The Guys” sit down and talk gear and pedals, modding and personalizing your gear, vacuum tubes and why they rock as well as a plethora of other topics. This podcast is a must listen for anyone who considered themselves a gear guru.

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3 Replies to “JamPlay Podcast Episode 14 – Steve McKinley”

  1. I started modding things on my Strat. I have to agree 100% with your comment about making a change causing you to want to reach for that guitar all the time. The tone has improved on this thing sooo much and there are still a number of little things that I am hoping to do to get some more improvements. I pick this thing up every single day.

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