Who’s Better,John Petrucci or Slash?

JamPlay wants to know, who do you think is the better guitarist? Slash or John Petrucci? Watch the video and then vote! You might even win a free prize from Kyser! Please note, all votes MUST be done on the YouTube comments section.

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7 Replies to “Who’s Better,John Petrucci or Slash?”

  1. Are you serious! Petrucci has more phrasing sense, technique and would run circles (the circle of fifths I might add) around that other player…… who did you say? It is like the roadrunner vs the coyote.

  2. You’ve gotta be fucking joking, Slash is nothing special at all. He was in the right place at the right time. Of course, you can prefer one’s music over the other but John Petrucci is technically better in absolutely every way… no contest.

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