The Big Mistake That’s Slowing Down Your Chord Transitions

In order to effortlessly transition chords so you can play your favorite songs you need to do 3 things:

1) Change your mindset on guitar chord fingerings. There usually is more than one way to finger a chord and you’ll need to memorize the common ones. These alternate fingerings help you with the next part which is…

2) Understand that it’s these alternate fingerings of chords that allow you to switch chords with the least amount of finger movement. That’s the trick to chord changes.

3) Taking a few minutes to observe a given chord progression you’re working on. Now you can strategically choose the appropriate chord fingerings for maximum efficiency of movement. Orville gives a few examples in the video.

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5 Replies to “The Big Mistake That’s Slowing Down Your Chord Transitions”

  1. I joined JamPlay about a month ago and really like it. Some people may think Orville is going slow, but as a beginner I find that their deliberate, patient methods for beginners is good. Looking around, I see more advanced courses for those beyond the beginner stage, a place I plan to be one day. And their live sessions are great. They have seasoned players teaching live in a number of topics, with the ability for me to ask questions and communicate during the sessions. I highly recommend it.

    1. I agree he is a great teacher for us beginners. And has great ways to move around on the cords for those that have trouble with their hands. So I think hes great. My hands are really damaged and he makes it real for me to learn to move them and play with as less movement as possible.

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