9 Undeniable Reasons You Need To Get Back Into Guitar (#4 Will Surprise You)


So you’ve set your guitar down.

You gave it your all, and at some point decided to leave it behind while you went on with life and tried new things.

However, for those of us, much like you, who have music pumping through our blood, you probably miss playing. There’s something about having and holding the guitar that made you feel inspired.

You listen to your favorite tunes, ones you used to play (or at least try to) and remember how great it felt to strum along. You remember writing the songs that held all your carefully-chosen words and melodies.

You loved that.

Well, if you your love for music never died, why should your interest in playing guitar?

We live in a time where it’s so easy to learn new skills and communication has become instantaneous and worldwide. The internet has exploded into a vast pool of free knowledge, all accessible by a few keystrokes.

You can literally have the sights and sounds of a personal teacher in your livingroom teaching you guitar while you sip your coffee.

It’s the primetime to get back into strumming your axe, and here’s why.

1. Because it’s fun

You picked up the guitar for a reason.

You love music, you love being creative and the guitar was the perfect outlet that ties those elements together.

If you’re still learning the instrument, it’s a great way to challenge yourself, impress your friends and see music in a new perspective.

If you’re already pretty sharp, you know how liberating the instrument can be. It’s a tool for endless expression and creation.

The guitar is so versatile. It can be a powerhouse that can rock the room or a delicate songwriting device.

Either way, it’s the perfect utensil for creation and expression, and that reason enough to get back into it.

2. Makes for a great hobby

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop.

If you have some free time on your schedule then guitar sessions is a great way to utilize that time. It makes for a great hobby.

Even by comparing it to other hobbies like expensive coin collections, demonstrating your guitar skills will earn you more respect and eyeballs.

It is not boring like collecting stones and/or stamps.

3. Playing is better than listening music

Listening to music is a marvelous experience, but being able to play music is even better.

If just listening to your favorite tune can lift up your mood, then imagine what creating those tunes will do to you!

Start practicing now and within a few months you will able to play your favorite tunes yourself.

Trust me, the feeling of being able to play your favorite tunes is just spectacular and even priceless.

It is not the same as listening through your expensive set of earphones.

4. You can learn a lot quicker now

You’re not stuck learning “Mary Had A Little Lamb” from some old method book anymore. And with an online learning platform like JamPlay, you get the guided direction of in-person lessons BUT you can take them anytime you want!

Seriously, things have changed quite a bit from when you were learning as a teenager.

But don’t get sidetracked by sites without live interaction and goal-oriented learning…

A lack of direction leads to de-motivation which leads to your guitar going back in the case and collecting dust.

5. Potential band members are everywhere

If you’re looking to share your guitar skills with other people, social media can also be used to find other players to join you.

While putting up ads in your local coffee shop may still be effective, using sites like Craigslist or Bandmix, you can narrow down your member search by city, state, and instrument.

You can either request that the members reach out to you, or you can reach out to them.

Again, sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can expand your reach when searching your potential members.

Just post your needs, and let the comments roll in!

6. Recording is easier than ever

Studio time is expensive.

You don’t need much these days to pump out a great-sounding recording.

You’ve put all the time and effort into learning the guitar, writing the music and words and completing the song.

Now you gotta set it in stone and share it with the world! All you need is a computer, headphones, instrument and XLR cables, mic stands, a microphone, a recording interface and some recording software.

If you’re on a budget, there’s plenty of free tools out there to help you the job done. Software like Audacity can get you started.

If you’re using a Mac, it comes preloaded with Grageband, which is powerful DAW that can definitely do the job.

7. Spreading the word is even easier

If you’re feeling pretty confident with your guitar chops—and aren’t interested in lessons—but want to spread your songs with the world (literally the world), then you can upload your song to countless different social media sites that are viewed by millions of users daily.

I know Facebook gets a bad rap these days for being the productivity killer, but that’s also a good reason to post to it.

The more time people spend on social media, the better your chances are for your song to be heard.

Upload your song to Facebook and it’s instantaneously available to all of your friends. The same thing goes for Instagram and Twitter.

These sites are a little more brief than Facebook, but just as powerful. Tease a song on your Instagram page with an easy-to-watch, 15-second video to prepare them for the release of the full song.

If those sites seem to be too busy for you, you can always keep it simple by uploading your tracks (for free) to sites such as Soundcloud and Bandcamp. These sites are dedicated to the online presence of your music.

8. Express and let it go

Sometimes it is difficult to express yourself with words.

Sometimes it is difficult to move forward in life, to let go of something or someone.

Forgiving and forgetting are two wonderful virtues that not everyone possesses, but music can help you develop it.

Playing the guitar will help you ease the pain, making it easier to express yourself and your feelings.

9. Blissful experience

At the end of the day, all I can suggest you is that playing guitar is a blissful experience.

It is not necessary to have a larger goal or purpose in your life in order to learn how to play the strings.

Even if you are not looking to take it up as a profession, you should still learn how to play a guitar.

If you think without goal or purpose, it will be hard to muster up the confidence and motivation required to pick up the guitar, then I would advise you to go ahead and try it once.

Some things are meant to be experienced rather than being discussed, and playing the guitar is one of them.

What’s Your Reason?

Leave a comment below and tell us your reason for getting back into guitar!

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