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Are You A Run-Of-The-Mill Guitar Player?
You know you are... if you don't inspire yourself and others when you play.

It doesn't have to be that way!

JamPlay has taught thousands of people how to play guitar better...


Here's how we do it:

Teaching everyone the same way... SUCKS.

Our proprietary 3 Phase System adapts to your individual learning style.

It's impossible to list out every lesson and style covered because... well... JamPlay covers EVERYTHING.

But here are a select few you might be interested in:
  • Learn how to play acoustic blues that'll make the hair stand up on the back of anyone's neck within earshot of your playing.
  • Learn beginner to the highest levels of finger-style guitar playing. People will be asking "How does one person make all that music?".
  • Learn cool chords and fun progressions that you can strum for hours on the porch and make you wonder "where'd the day go?".
So if you're new to guitar OR you've been playing for a while and find yourself asking "Jeez, why am I still not very good?" read my lips:


You will learn from pros and master anything you desire on guitar with JamPlay.

We've spent a TON of time and money filming only the BEST guitar teachers on the planet.

You'll shave years... maybe even DECADES off of your learning curve... simply by following their advice and using their proven step-by-step systems.

You may be thinking, "this sounds awesome but it probably costs A LOT!"

Actually, online lessons are much more affordable than expensive private teachers or even DVDs.

And right now, we are offering an introductory special offer:

Just $1 for your first month!

That's right, you'll have access to our ENTIRE SYSTEM for 30 days for just one buck!

That's less than a cup of coffee!

Sound like it's right up your alley?

GREAT! Here's whatchya do:

1: Click the "Try JamPlay For $1" button below.

This will take you to our enrollment page with the coupon already entered.

2: Fill out your information and hit the "Complete Signup" button.

Your payment of $1 will be confirmed and you will immediately be able to login to your member dashboard with access to your lessons.

3: You start getting better...correction... SOOOO much better.... at playing guitar.
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What You Get:
This is your chance to finally get in on the tool that Over 434,844 Guitar Players Use to systematically increase their skills and build confidence fast!

Here's the rundown...

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5,000+ Video Lesson Library
The only online guitar lesson website that truly meets you where you are in your playing. Our 3 phase system guarantees you'll always be on track for success!

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Daily Live Interactive Webcasts
No other service gives you direct access to professional guitar teachers like JamPlay does. Hop on day or night and get your questions answered!
Chord and Scale Libraries, Licks, Riffs, Jam Tracks and More!
We've spent the last 8 years developing the best integrated online tools for guitar players. A guitar and amp is all you need — we cover everything else!
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What Our Members Say:

JamPlay - $1
(Offer valid for new members only. Cannot be used with existing accounts.)
  • TRIAL OFFER: $19.95 per month, Just $1.00 for your first 30 days when you activate your trial.
  • NOTE: After your 30 day trial you’ll automatically renew at the charter member price of $19.95 per month for each month you’re an active JamPlay member (cancel anytime).
(Offer valid for new members only. Cannot be used with existing accounts.)
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