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Do You Make These Barre Chord Mistakes?
Dave Isaacs’ 28 day barre chord practice plan has enabled more than 573 people to correct their barre chord mistakes. Only 15 minutes a day required to improve your barre chord chops.
Many guitar players struggle with string buzz when playing barre chords.

They keep the index finger straight, when it should be curled. Some think super strength is the answer instead of finger independence.

It’s amazing how often the wrong hand position is used which causes pain and reduces stamina. Few are able to switch to barre chords in a song fast enough. They rely on cheater chords or worse— just avoid songs with barre chords altogether.

Their guitar playing is mediocre, amateurish, embarrassing.
Why Most Guitar Players Make Barre Chord Mistakes
What is the reason so many of us struggle with barre chords and never get beyond the beginner stage? Why is it that most only play cowboy chords and many can’t get through a song?

Why do so many find themselves ashamed to play their guitar for anyone but themselves?

The reason for this is clear.

Dave Isaacs discovered it 25 years ago while struggling to teach private students. Most guitar players can’t play barre chords well because they never developed the core finger independence to do so.
How 573 People Helped Dave Prove This
The formation of any skill on guitar comes with practice.

Guitarists like Eddie Van Halen, Tommy Emmanuel, Eric Clapton and others had no formal training yet still became masters of their instrument.

These great players practiced until their skills became natural. This is the core of being a guitar player. The way which all great guitar players have reached great accomplishments.

And yes, how they were able to play barre chords with ease. Yet learning guitar online, in a cruel twist, has made it something to be avoided—the hardest of chores instead of a fun and rewarding challenge! It’s downright disgraceful.

And that’s what outlines the difference between Dave Isaacs's method and everyone else.

Here is an example: Recently, Dave conducted a test of his unique practice plan for barre chords with a group of 573 online learners. These were men age 50 and over—most of whom had given up on the possibility of ever getting good at barre chords.

After following Dave’s practice plan, a whopping 89% of survey respondents reported at least doubling their skill for playing barre chords in songs. And many reported more improvement in 4 weeks than in years using the outdated and broken methods.

Amazing as this improvement was, even more interesting was the fact that the test group was “wild” about the practice plan. They didn’t want to put their guitars down.
The Fool-Proof Barre Chord Practice Plan
The basic principle of Dave’s method is daily practice. Anyone can master barre chords with daily practice.

But how are you supposed to know what to practice? Dave solves this in a simple, unique, and sensible way. Imagine if Dave were sitting in the room with you when you practice.

Every time you used the wrong finger or hand position. Every time you pressed too hard. Every time you tried something that was beyond your current level...’d hear him say...

“That is wrong, do it this way”


“Don’t play that quite yet”

In no time you’d drop the bad habits and practice correctly. If you are struggling with a certain chord or exercise, Dave would be right there to help you over and over again. Always there for support and guidance on what you need to work on today.

The 28-Day Barre Chord Practice Plan does exactly this. You start at finger independence and gradually build your ability to the point where you can play barre chords with ease.

It focuses your practice on what you need to work on for barre chords. You do not need to figure out what to practice. You practice with Dave’s daily video.
Only 15 Minutes a Day
No more than fifteen minutes a day are required.

Fifteen minutes, not of learning information, but of skill-building practice! Dave’s students have more time to practice barre chords because he’s eliminated the guess-work. A few minutes borrowed from Facebook or pointless TV watching is all that’s required.

The results really are phenomenal. Dave Isaacs has placed playing barre chords effortlessly within the grasp of every guitar player. People who take advantage of his practice plan gain more than just the ability to play barre chords with ease.

They get the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with being able to play their favorite songs all the way through. They get the self-confidence and respect from others this new ability inspires. And if they choose, they now have the ability to sit in on jam sessions, play proudly with their church groups, and play in bands.

No one can do those things without mastering barre chords.
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