JamPlay Podcast – Interview with Guthrie Trapp

Guthrie Trapp, Nashville country guitarist and session player extraordinaire, joins us for the 19th edition of the JamPlay Podcast. Guthrie talks about the world of session playing in Nashville. He gives advise for aspiring session players, talks about the types of music he enjoys and the differences in tracking for somebody else’s music vs your own. Guthrie is an amazing musician, an amazing player and a true asset for anyone looking to get into the world of guitar.

He recorded a series of lessons for JamPlay.com, the number one source for online guitar lessons, which should be appearing in the next several months.

JamPlay Podcast – Interview with Joel Kosche

In this edition of the JamPlay Podcast we sit down with Joel Kosche, guitarist for Collective Soul as well as solo artist. We talk with Joel about how he got into guitar and what his learning process was like, how he got into Collective Soul, what it’s like playing no the road, the bands that inspire and motivate him and more. This is a very interesting interview with an artist who is nothing short of inspiring. If you want to learn to play guitar online and take Joel’s lessons, please be sure to visit JamPlay.com.

JamPlay Podcast – Interview with Mike Mushok of Staind

Mike Mushok, guitarist from Staind, joins “The Guys” for the 17th episode of the JamPlay Podcast. They talk with Mike about how he got started with Staind, what it was like writing songs, touring stories, where Mike is going now and more. This is an amazing Podcast, so check it out!

Lesson with Mike Mushok will soon be appearing on JamPlay.com as an exclusive bonus to subscribers. To learn guitar from Mike and over 60 professional teachers, visit JamPlay.com.

JamPlay Podcast Episode 16 – Mike Keneally

The JamPlay Podcast is back with episode 16, and this week we have an amazing treat for you. “The Guys” sit down with Mike Keneally, legendary guitarist and pianist best known for his work with Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Frank Zappa. They talk about Mike’s time with these particular artists, his solo career, elitism in music, why pop isn’t “garbage” and more. This podcast is a must listen as Mike is the real deal; a true professional with decades of experience, a brilliant mind and a wonderful person. Enjoy!

JamPlay Podcast Episode 15 – Glen Drover

Let the trumpets sound, for the JamPlay Podcast has returned. In this episode “The Guys” sit down with Glen Drover, former guitarist for Megadeth and Testament. Glen talks about his time in Megadeth, how he learned the guitar, his inspiration, why he prefers CDs to vinyl and his astonishing solo career. Metalheads and guitar virtuosos, this podcast is for you!


JamPlay Podcast Episode 14 – Steve McKinley

The JamPlay Podcast is back! In the fourteenth edition we are proud to host Steve McKinley, guitar tech guru and an amazing bassist to boot. Steve and “The Guys” sit down and talk gear and pedals, modding and personalizing your gear, vacuum tubes and why they rock as well as a plethora of other topics. This podcast is a must listen for anyone who considered themselves a gear guru.

JamPlay Podcast Episode 13

The JamPlay Podcast is back with episode number 13. This time around we talk with Justin Roth, a touring fingerstyle guitarist, songwriter and audio engineer. Justin sits down and talks with us about his career, being a self made musician and the joys of running your own recording studio. Then Justin and “The Guys,” talk about music licensing (and yes, Pandora once again) and one musicians dream of a vegetarian Thanksgiving. At the end of the show Justin serves up a live performance of one of his fingerstyle masterpieces.

Justin will soon be an instructor at JamPlay.com, the best place for online guitar lessons.

JamPlay Podcast Episode 12

The twelfth episode of the JamPlay podcast is now live and ready for listening.  In this episode we talk with Michael “Nomad” Ripoll.  Michael is a talented guitarist well known as a session player, touring musician and songwriter.  Michael and “The Guys” talk about guitar lessons, building your musical career, life as a touring musician/session player as well as geek out about old school music technology.

JamPlay Podcast Episode 11

In this episode, we welcome special guest Mark Kroos, double neck acoustic guitar wizard and performer. Mark takes us through his journey to becoming a successful touring artist and tells us the story of his first time on the road. We also discuss the steps to getting your music on Pandora and the benefits as well as drawbacks of using YouTube to promote yourself.

JamPlay Podcast Episode 10

The JamPlay Podcast has now reached 10 weeks of the show! This week we’re joined by accomplished Jazzguitarist Peter Einhorn. Peter is a University of Miami music graduate and is also known for being the inventor of the Spider Capo. In this weeks show we discuss the following topics:

Enjoy this latest episode and be sure to leave your comments below!