Liepe’s Licks – Using Effects : Delay and Phaser

Ladies and gentle, it is a wonderful day. After taking a short break, Liepe’s Licks has returned. In this edition he returns to the world of guitar effects. If you will recall, in the last two videos Chris demonstrated the delay effect. This time around he will play chords and demonstrate how both the delay and phaser effect can be used in tandem.

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Using Guitar Effects : Delay

The next few episodes of Liepe’s Licks are going to cover a topic that is near and dear to many players hearts: guitar effects. In this episode Chris will teach a lick that makes use of the delay effect. He will talk about how delay works, demonstrate the lick, and explain how and why delay is used. The next three episodes will cover different guitar effects, so stay tuned! Brought to by by

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Learn to use Delay

Learn an Entire Guitar Solo Part 1

In this weeks edition of Liepe’s Licks Chris will teach the first lick of an entirely new guitar solo. This solo has a rock feel and is played over an 8 barre chord progression. He not only teaches how to play the first portion of the lick in this lesson, but also discusses his thoughts on writing a solo and talks about the importance of playing rhythmically. Enjoy!

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