Guitar Lesson – Pop Chord Progression

It’s time for episode 12 of “Strummin’ with Steve.” This time around Steve teaches another pop chord progression that makes use of the G Major, Cadd9, Dsus4 and D major chords. He teaches an amazing sounding rhythm pattern as well. If learning to play acoustic pop songs is your bag of chops, be sure to check out this rocking video.

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Guitar Lesson – Rock Lick in the Style of Jimmy Page Part 2

It’s time for Episode 16 of Liepe’s Licks. In this episode Chris Liepe teaches the second half of the amazing Jimmy Page rock lick. This portion of the lick includes some great runs as well as bends, signature techniques of Jimmy Page.

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Liepe's Licks #16

Learn a Contemporary Pop Chord Progression

It’s time for the 10th episode of Strummin’ with Steve, your weekly dose of rhythm based online guitar lessons. This time around Steve teaches a chord progression that is commonly found in contemporary pop songs. He will describe the chords and how they are used. He will then move on to talk about what the rhythm hand does, explain the pattern and talk about how palm muting is used. So if you want to learn a sweet pop chord progression then be sure to view the video below.

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JamPlay Podcast – Interview with Joel Kosche

In this edition of the JamPlay Podcast we sit down with Joel Kosche, guitarist for Collective Soul as well as solo artist. We talk with Joel about how he got into guitar and what his learning process was like, how he got into Collective Soul, what it’s like playing no the road, the bands that inspire and motivate him and more. This is a very interesting interview with an artist who is nothing short of inspiring. If you want to learn to play guitar online and take Joel’s lessons, please be sure to visit

Guitar Lesson – Rock Lick in the Style of Jimmy Page

It’s time for another edition of Liepe’s Licks. In this amazing guitar lesson Chris teaches a rock lick in the style of Jimmy Page. As with the other rock lick guitar lessons, this one includes a very cool backing track.

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Liepe 15

JamPlay Podcast – Interview with Mike Mushok of Staind

Mike Mushok, guitarist from Staind, joins “The Guys” for the 17th episode of the JamPlay Podcast. They talk with Mike about how he got started with Staind, what it was like writing songs, touring stories, where Mike is going now and more. This is an amazing Podcast, so check it out!

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JamPlay Podcast Episode 16 – Mike Keneally

The JamPlay Podcast is back with episode 16, and this week we have an amazing treat for you. “The Guys” sit down with Mike Keneally, legendary guitarist and pianist best known for his work with Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Frank Zappa. They talk about Mike’s time with these particular artists, his solo career, elitism in music, why pop isn’t “garbage” and more. This podcast is a must listen as Mike is the real deal; a true professional with decades of experience, a brilliant mind and a wonderful person. Enjoy!