Learn to Spruce Up a Blues Chord Progression with 7th Chords

We are proud to present another episode of JamPlay’s Strummin’ with Steve. In this new episode Steve returns to the world of the Blues chord progression. This time instead of teaching a most basic chord progression using mostly major chords, Steve will intensify the progression by making use of 7th chords. This adds a lot of flavor to the progression and a bit of that old time blues feeling. Whip out your acoustic guitar, strap up and get ready to play.

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Learn a Melodic Rock Guitar Solo – Part 3

Pick up your electric guitar; it’s time to rock. In this week’s edition of Liepe’s Licks, Chris teaches the third part of the melodic rock solo. This video guitar lesson focuses on a blazing fast run that can be used to bridge two different sections in a lead guitar solo. Not only is this perfect for the context of the solo Chris is teaching, it can also be used in your own original creations. Enjoy!

Melodic Rock Solo 3

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Learn Guitar – Acoustic Blues Chord Progression

It’s time for another edition of the internet’s most venerable series of guitar lessons, Strummin’ with Steve. This time around Mr. Eulberg will teach a beginner acoustic blues chord progression. This 12 bar progression combines open chord shapes that you probably already know with a slightly more difficult barre chord. It’s time for the blues!

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Learn a Melodic Rock Guitar Solo – Part 2

It’s time for the second part of Chris Liepe’s amazing series of guitar lessons on playing a melodic rock guitar solo. This video teaches the second section of rock solo. This part features some bluesy riffs and bends and continues the melodic nature of this lead line. Be sure to check out the backing track below the video.

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Click here to download the backing track.

Liepes Lick 18 Tab

Guitar Lesson – Cowboy Country Chord Progression

It’s time for another episode of Strummin’ with Steve! This time around Steve dishes out a more sedate country chord progression. He will demonstrate a rhythm that is reminiscent of a horse’s trot; it’s relaxing lull will ease your worries and calm your mind. The progression also makes use of three common chords. Get your guitar out, grab some cowboy boots and get going!

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JamPlay Podcast – Interview with Guthrie Trapp

Guthrie Trapp, Nashville country guitarist and session player extraordinaire, joins us for the 19th edition of the JamPlay Podcast. Guthrie talks about the world of session playing in Nashville. He gives advise for aspiring session players, talks about the types of music he enjoys and the differences in tracking for somebody else’s music vs your own. Guthrie is an amazing musician, an amazing player and a true asset for anyone looking to get into the world of guitar.

He recorded a series of lessons for JamPlay.com, the number one source for online guitar lessons, which should be appearing in the next several months.