Learn Guitar Online VS Private Teacher

Ever wonder what it really costs for an in-person guitar teacher?

This article gives you a complete breakdown of costs associated with private guitar teachers as well as a more affordable alternative.

Here are the in-person costs for a year of guitar lessons:

Why overpay for guitar lessons?
Why overpay for guitar lessons?
  • $3,840 per year
  • 2 hours per week
  • 2080 miles traveled
  • $1,000 in fuel costs
  • 70+ hours of commuting

Total Cost: $5,000 per year!

When you factor in the cost of the lessons, the gas, and the time; in-person guitar lessons are the most expensive and inconvenient way to learn guitar.


The Online Guitar Lessons Alternative:

Online guitar lessons are convenient and affordable.
Online guitar lessons are convenient and affordable.
  • $139.95 per year
  • Unlimited access 24/7/365
  • Can pause and rewind the lessons
  • Saves time
  • Wide variety of teachers and styles

Total Cost: $139.95 per year!

JamPlay members pay just $139.95 per year and get instant access to all of our lessons anytime they want. Members also get access to live webcam lessons, backing tracks, tools, and much more.

Learn Guitar Online VS Private Teacher InfoGraphic:


Learn Guitar Online Vs. In Person
Learn Guitar Online Vs. In Person

Ready to investigate online guitar lessons more?

Visit JamPlay and see if it’s a good fit for you!

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10 Replies to “Learn Guitar Online VS Private Teacher”

    1. (correcting sentence) If you can’t afford jamplay, it’s probably safe to say you can’t afford a teacher either. But, maybe that’s just my situation.

  1. A proper guitar lesson will be tailored to your needs and playing style, unlike an online lesson. Also, a proper teacher will teach you the songs that you want to learn

      1. You don’t need to hire an expensive teacher or even private lessons. Find a local music school, there’s probably a subscription rate to attend classes. And if you can’t afford to attend a music school, there must definitely be some local guitarist you could ask to give you lessons. Unless they’re assholes, they’ll gladly give you lessons for a REALLY low price, especially if they are underage. Use online courses as an aid – the online course won’t correct your mistakes!

  2. Oh yeah, it’s definitely more worth it to learn guitar online than through a teacher. No question about it. I mean you guys sometimes have a sale, where annual membership costs $100. That’s the best bargain you can get in guitar education today. There are a few sites that want to compete, here are the top guitar courses, but the price-value ratio of your offer is the best out of all of them. Sorry to say this to all private guitar teachers, but your job might become obsolete in the future.

  3. the “in person” lesson cost is greatly over exaggerated. There is no better way to learn than have someone show you the path to be a good guitar player. Jamplay should be be an extension to private lessons. My playing stalled out for 15 years trying to learn on my own until I started taking private lessons and in the past year and a half my playing has greatly improved! Do both!

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