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35 Ways To Add Uncommon Sheen And Polish To Your
Acoustic Playing - Even If You've Been Playing For Years!

Ever wondered to yourself...

"why doesn't my guitar sound like the record?"

You're not alone.

The reality is that just learning chords and progressions alone will not make you sound like the recordings.

There are hundreds of little things that can add brilliance and nuance to a guitar performance.

These nuances are the difference between playing G, D, F# and Bm and playing "Hotel California" from the Eagles.

You can play that chord progression, but if you don't nail the nuances, you won't sound like the song!

Frustrating right?

Hi, I'm Michael Ripoll but you can call me Nomad.

In my brand new course "Nomad's Acoustic Pop", I distill those hundreds of nuances down to a more manageable number - just thirty five!

My course isn't just a "wiki" on these techniques though!

As you go through these 35 lessons, you'll learn how to apply them into your playing.

I do this with in-depth demonstrations and 6 included backing tracks.

It's everything a beginner to intermediate player needs to add polish and sheen to their playing quickly!

A word of warning though:

This course isn't for everyone...
Who is this course for?
Beginner to Intermediate players that are stuck in a rut and wondering "Why doesn't my guitar sound as good as the record?"

If your acoustic playing doesn't delight and astonish your listener... this course is for you!

If you want to learn how to improve your acoustic playing from an industry insider who has played with well known artists and on movie soundtracks... this course is for you!

Who is this course NOT for?
If you think playing as fast as possible is with lots of distortion is cool... this course probably isn't for you.

If you don't like pop music that has acoustic guitar (The Beatles, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Led Zeppelin etc)... this course is not for you.

If you've got a ton of time to learn and prefer to learn from random "internet guitar lessons"... you won't like the step-by-step structured nature of this course.

"I really like the way you break down the exercises, I was having difficulty maintaining a rhythm and now I get it."

-- Aaron Wade, USA
Here's What You'll Get Inside Nomad's "Acoustic Pop" Course:
Just some of the things you'll learn...

The chord flavor grab bag! How to take "plain" chords you already know and make them sound out of this world!
(Most guitar players never attain this level of chord know-how)

How to take stupid-easy finger picking patterns, combine them with simple chord inversions, and completely change the feel of a boring chord progression. (this one will melt hearts!)

Instantly capture attention with a laughably simple 2 chord progression and basic travis picking pattern. (be careful with this one, people will think you're a better guitar player than you are!)

Learn subtle techniques that guitarists like John Mayer, Jimmy Page, Jason Mraz, Paul McCartney, Don Felder and others use to create gorgeous sounding progressions and melodies.

A simple trick to get in and out of chords quicker using my "common tone finger" technique. (another overlooked technique that just requires a simple mindset tweak to see instant results!)

Explore a whole new world of possibilities with altered tunings like "Drop D" and pedal tones. There's a reason why bands like The Beatles used these techniques — and now you can too!
"I was getting in a rut with one or two patterns and my songs were starting to all sound the same.

Love the attention to detail which reminds me to analyze what's actually going on. Again, love this series."

-- Linny Colucci, USA
Tech Specs...

57 professionally filmed multi-angle videos with a total runtime of 7 hours. There's no fluff... the videos are packed full of techniques you can use.

Written PDFs for all lessons so you can print them out or just open them on you computer and follow along as you watch the videos!

Practice everything you learn over the included 6 full length backing tracks. (a $19 value!)
Sounds Great! But What Ungodly Sum Of Money Are You Charging?
To get all this training in private lessons from me would cost you well over $875.

But you aren't going to pay anywhere near that today...

Normally, this course sells for $59.95.

But if you decide to take me up on this special offer...
your investment is only $49.95 $39.95 $29.95

Just $19.95

You have the opportunity to grab this course and add sheen, polish, and nuance to your acoustic playing for just $19.95.

Think about this:

Your acoustic guitars are probably worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Wouldn't you like to sound good playing them?

At less than a buck a lesson, I'd like to think it's a "no-brainer" but to make it even more irresistible, JamPlay has agreed to extend a crazy guarantee...

365 Day Money Back Guarantee
60 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
You have ZERO risk in buying this course today.

Simply click the orange button below and fill out the form to purchase.

Once payment has been received you'll have instant access to everything and can begin downloading the files immediately.

The whole checkout process can be done in less than 2 minutes!

If my teaching doesn't help you improve or you aren't 100% satisfied with anything at all within the next 60 days, simply shoot an email to and my support team will send you a prompt and courteous refund.

Sound fair?

Let's Go!
Prefer to order over the phone? Call 1-877-999-4-JAM
Stop letting life get in the way of your guitar playing enjoyment.

Imagine sitting on your front porch and playing songs that sound exactly like you hear on the radio (or in your head)!

Imagine playing your guitar in front of your significant other and watching their heart melt!

Imagine getting lost in your playing at your local music shop only to look up and find a group of people gathered around you!

You can reach your full potential on guitar... let's get started NOW!

Don't sweat it — fret it!
"Pretty awesome course and lesson on strumming. I have to say that my right hand and rhythm are improving. Thanks Nomad!"

-- Glen Sorrentino USA
Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this secure? I am not sure about typing in my credit card information.

We use industry standard tools to keep your data secure. Your information is protected by and PayPal which use 256-bit SSL encryption.

What if I don't like it?

We'll issue you a refund no question! JamPlay is taking all the risk here because this is a digital course with 60 day refund policy.

Simply send an email to or call us 9am to 9pm GMT 1-877-999-4-JAM

Where can I find out more about JamPlay?

View our BBB rating here.
Visit our website here.
Visit our Facebook page here.

Why only $37?

We are temporarily lowering the price of this course in an effort to show motivated guitar players that we can help them.

For the last 8 years, JamPlay has been filming world-renowned guitar teachers and stockpiling a massive library of guitar courses.

$7 covers our advertising and bandwidth costs and gives anyone who's serious about their playing the chance to experience our lessons for next to nothing.

Our sincere hope is that you'll try this course, learn from it and come back for more!

What if I'm over 50 years old. Can I still learn?

Yes! While the lessons taught in this course apply to any age, Nomad's teaching experience has been with adult students. In fact, most of his students on JamPlay are over 50 years old and many are starting for the first time. So you are not alone.

Will the videos play on my iPad or Android Tablet?

Yes! The videos are in .mp4 format and transfer to iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

You may need a 3rd party PDF viewer app to view the tabs and lesson writeups.

The entire course is 6.33 gb and should fit on your device provided you have enough room to store it.