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Fast-Track Acoustic Guitar
$99.95 $29.95
Jim Deeming's complete beginner guitar course. From how to tune your guitar to playing your first songs, this 25 lesson system will fast-track your progress!
Do-Over Crash Course
$29.95 $5.95
If you're a long-term beginner or have been on hiatus, this course will teach you the 5 critical song-playing skills. Play full songs and impress yourself and others!
Simple Strumming System
$29.95 $5.95
Frustrated with sloppy strumming or just want to boost your rhythm skills? Learn the 16 most powerful strumming patterns and unlock your rhythm potential.
28-Day Barre Chord Practice Plan
$59.95 $19.95
Are barre chords holding your guitar playing back? Dave Isaacs' innovative daily practice plan will have you playing them effortlessly in just 28 days or less!
Nomad's Acoustic Pop
$59.95 $19.95
Discover 35 ways to add uncommon sheen and polish to tour acoustic playing. Most guitar players never discover all these techniques, and some only by accident. If you're stuck in an acoustic rut, this is for you.
JamPlay Monthly Membership Coupon
$19.95 $1.00
Get unlimited streaming access to all of these courses and 100's more! Plus near instant feedback and guidance from our live webcam teachers. 1st month just $1, then only $19.95/mo after that. Cancel anytime.