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Only 10% of all Beginner Guitar Players
ever make it past Barre Chords!
The rest give up and stop playing. How about you?
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Do you want the TRUTH about playing barre chords?...

My Name is Dave Isaacs.

For more than 29 years I've been playing and teaching guitar. I've not only taught friends and family how to play,

I've worked as a professional guitar teacher

...out of my house, at music shops, and now in my own studio in Nashville TN.

I've seen the difference between players that play barre chords effortlessly and the ones that avoid 'em like the plague!

And with no punches pulled, I'll tell you the difference!
What Makes The Difference?
It's very simple.

No, it's not super-human strength or natural talent!

Gripping the guitar neck too much will actually make barre chords almost impossible to play and switch between.

And look, we were all born not knowing how to walk and in diapers. You had to learn those skills just like everyone else!

Natural talent is a MYTH!

It's PRACTICE that makes the difference.

Don't believe me? Go read up on Mozart, Beethovan, Eddie Van Halen or whoever your musical idol is. They all practiced daily!

BUT not just any old practice.

Playing your favorite songs on the weekend while tweaking your amp settings for 2 hours DOESN'T COUNT!

If that's you, don't worry. It's not your fault.
You Were Never Taught How To Practice.
Sure, open chords and simple strumming are pretty easy to figure out.

And you can go a long way with those things. But playing barre chords is a whole other level.

...and it requires daily practice to master the fundamentals.

Quick Story:

I developed a repetitive strain injury the year I finished my music degree. It was so bad that I couldn't play for 6 whole months!

It forced me to learn a new way to practice and play. This new "system" eliminated hand cramping, strain, and fatigue—allowing me to even play 6 string barre chords effortlessly!

It's evolved over the years, and I've had plenty of guinea pigs to test and improve it.

I put everything into a step-by-step video course called...
The 28 Day Barre Chord Practice Plan
In it, you'll find 28 daily lessons to help you finally master barre chords once and for all.

Here are some of the things you'll learn:
  • A simple chromatic scale exercise that trains your fingers to work independently so you can switch chords lightning quick.
  • The knuckle flexing exercise that is fun and builds a crucial mechanic for barre chords. Without this you're sunk!
  • Gradually progress from 3 note chords to 4, then to 5, and finally you'll be playing 6 note barre chords in just 28 days!
  • Instead of avoiding the big bad F and B Minor chords, you'll play them with shockingly little effort!
  • Learn the best way to finger 5th string root major chords so they ring clearly.
  • Learn why the way you currently finger most open chords limits your ability to switch to barre chords. Instead, use these easy fingerings to switch chords like a pro!
  • Learn the most efficient way to build chords using a pivot finger. Miss this and your chord changes will always be sloppy.
Here's Exactly What You Get:
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  • 28 simple practice videos emailed to you daily.
  • Each video is designed to be a barre chord practice session. I explain the concept, and then you practice along with me
  • Practice sessions can be completed in under 15 minutes.
  • Build your skill gradually from 3 note chords to 6 note chords using songs and fun exercises!
  • HD Lessons have closeups and onscreen chord charts and tabs.
  • Complete 46 page PDF ebook with explanations and the daily exercises in printable form.
  • 10 custom backing tracks designed for this course.
  • Once you go through all 28 days, you can watch any lesson anytime!
  • One-time payment.
  • No recurring billing.
  • Lifetime online access.
"It helped me with form and made chords playable finally. my Ah-ha moment came when i realized my form was way off in trying to play bar chords and my hand quit hurting."
Robert Jennings
"On the 3rd lesson the way you showed how to make a open F chord, barring the pointer by snapping it back made it easier for me. It got my fingers to move much quicker and more flexible."
Marco Micocci
"I have rather short and fat fingers and some things, like barre chords, have always posed a problem for me. I put in 15 to 20 minutes practice on the days I practiced and I saw noticeable improvement after the first week of dedicated practice."
Rick Kurzdorf
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"Understanding finger position particularly how the barre isn't flat. And helping me to move between open and barre. When I suddenly realized I was playing barre chords. It was like he 'eased me into it'."
John Nielson
"About half way through things just started to click. "Building" the chords really helped with muscle memory."
Bill Silva
The course helped me understand the importance of repetition to build strength and muscle memory; the basic barre chord shapes and how they can move on the fretboard; how to shorten a full barre chord shape for certain purposes; basic warmup and finger conditioning exercises; the importance of wrist position and hand/finger mechanics in building and holding shapes.
Kevin Carter